How do I write a petitioner’s extreme hardship letter?

I need to write an extreme hardship letter for an immigration case. What should I include, and are there any examples or templates that could help me get started?


Writing an extreme hardship letter can be a critical component in an immigration case. It’s essential to clearly convey the emotional, financial, and physical impacts that deportation or denial would have on the petitioner. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you write a compelling letter:

  1. Introduction: Start by introducing yourself, your relationship to the applicant, and a brief overview of the hardship you’re facing.Example: “My name is [Your Name], and I am the [relationship] of [applicant’s name]. I am writing to explain the severe hardships I would face if [applicant’s name] were not allowed to remain in the United States.”
  2. Explain the Hardships: Detail the specific hardships you would endure. Be thorough and include various types of hardships:
    • Emotional Hardship: Discuss the emotional distress and mental health impacts.
    • Financial Hardship: Explain any financial burdens, such as loss of income, inability to pay for basic needs, or potential homelessness.
    • Medical Hardship: If applicable, describe any medical issues that would be exacerbated by the separation.
    • Educational Hardship: For children involved, describe the educational impacts they would face.
  3. Provide Supporting Evidence: Attach documents that support your claims, such as medical records, financial statements, psychological evaluations, or affidavits from friends and family.
  4. Conclusion: Summarize your letter by reiterating the critical points and expressing your hope for a favorable outcome.Example: “In conclusion, the removal of [applicant’s name] from the United States would cause extreme and undue hardship to me and our family. I sincerely hope that this letter will help convey the severity of our situation and the necessity of keeping our family together.”
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Writing such a letter can be daunting, but having a well-structured and heartfelt plea can make a significant difference in your case. If you need further assistance or a template to guide you, there’s an excellent resource available.

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