What is a Motion for Administrative Closure in Immigration Court?

Question: What is a Motion for Administrative Closure in Immigration Court?


Understanding the Motion for Administrative Closure in Immigration Court can be crucial for those navigating complex immigration proceedings. This motion can temporarily pause your case, allowing you to seek other forms of relief or wait for changes in circumstances. Here’s a breakdown of what it entails:

  1. Definition: A Motion for Administrative Closure is a request to temporarily remove a case from the active docket of the immigration court. This does not provide permanent relief but pauses proceedings.
  2. Purpose: This motion can be used to wait for a visa to become available, for changes in law or policy that might benefit your case, or to pursue other immigration benefits outside of removal proceedings.
  3. Eligibility: Not all cases qualify for administrative closure. Generally, cases where there is a pending application or process that could influence the outcome of the immigration proceedings are considered.
  4. Process: The motion must be filed with the immigration court, and it requires approval from both the judge and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). If either party objects, the motion may not be granted.
  5. Benefits: Administrative closure can provide significant benefits, such as allowing you to remain in the U.S. while pursuing other legal options without the immediate threat of deportation.

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