What is Form I-246, and how does it impact individuals facing deportation or removal?

Form I-246, also known as the Request for Stay of Deportation or Removal, is a critical legal document for individuals facing deportation or removal proceedings in the United States. This form allows individuals to request a temporary stay of their deportation or removal while they pursue legal remedies or address specific circumstances that may warrant their continued presence in the country. A successful application for Form I-246 can provide individuals with the opportunity to remain in the United States temporarily, allowing them to pursue avenues such as adjusting their immigration status, applying for waivers, or resolving outstanding legal issues. It’s essential to understand the eligibility requirements and the proper procedures for completing and submitting Form I-246 to maximize the chances of a successful outcome in deportation or removal proceedings.

To learn more about Form I-246 and its implications for individuals facing deportation or removal, visit Form I-246 for Stay of Deportation or Removal.

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